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Token-less Smart Contracts

Sentinel enables a connected and inclusive world by building powerful, compliant and easy-to-use smart contract solutions to enable leasing infrastructure effortlessly. Introducing Token-less Smart Contracts for the first time ever.
Create and Manage the progress of your smart contracts into your business hassle-free with Sentinel.

UPI & Blockchain
Presenting Sentinel at IDF 2019


Blockchain technology powered by Sentinel, has the potential to upend the way, every industry manages it’s information and data, not only financial services.


Storing credentialing data around asessments, degrees, and transcripts, as well as verification of knowledge transfer.


Tracking contract parties, terms, transfer of ownership, and delivery of goods or services without the need for legal intervention.


Smart contracts can bring transparency and security to platforms like KickStarter. Create secure immutable records globally accessible.


With the use of smart contracts, integrated with UPI, our conditional payments platform can cater to the needs of fintech industry.

Supply Chain

Transparency in shipment tracking, deliveries, and progress among other suppliers where no inherent truct exists.


Smart contracts supported voting and polling platform that uses blockchain to strengthen the execution of collective opinions.

Energy Management

Decentralised energy transfer and distribution are possible via micro-transactions of data while securing payment to the submitter.


Medical records stored in blockchain allow for democratization of patient data and alleviate burden of transferring records among providers.

Have a use-case not listed here?

We are always open to discussing your use-case.

Enterprise Blockchain

Reduce costs, Collaborate, Build trust and Manage high volume Transactions.

Performance at Scale

High scalability due to blockchain agnostic and oracle managed processing.

Development Platform

Configure easily and deploy your smart contracts with ease on our development platform.

Real time Insights

Receive real time insights on your smart contracts functionalities through state managed triggers.

Operations Dashboard

View manage via intuitive operations console and dashboard functionalities on your fingertips.

Data Privacy & Ownership

Secure data privacy and ownership setup via our hybrid data management service.

Tracking & Visibilty

Trace all your smart contracts and data visibility access controlled to our configuration.

Audit & Reporting

Receive comprehensive audit trails and real time insights on transactions and status.


Our impressive support team at your disposal for all your queries and help on need basis.
Sentinel Box

Sentinel Box

Sentinel Box provides a complete enterprise boxed solution to be deployed on your own datacenters.
Sentinel Box includes a ready to go dashboard to manage and run all the smart contracts from. You can manage users and custom features can be added on request. The blockchain used will be a Proof Of Authority consensus algorithm powered ethereum based blockchain.

The beta version of Sentinel Box is coming live soon. Contact us to enquire further or pre-order yours.

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Smart Contract Development Infrastructure

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