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UPI & Blockchain

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) and Blockchain came together on Sentinel platform


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Storing credentialing data around asessments, degrees, and transcripts, as well as verification of knowledge transfer.

Supply Chain

Transparency in shipment tracking, deliveries, and progress among other suppliers where no inherent truct exists.


With the use of smart contracts, integrated with UPI, our conditional payments platform can cater to the needs of fintech industry.


Smart contracts can bring transparency and security to platforms like KickStarter. Create secure immutable records globally accessible.


Smart contracts supported voting and polling platform that uses blockchain to strengthen the execution of collective opinions.


Medical records stored in blockchain allow for democratization of patient data and alleviate burden of transferring records among providers.

Smart City

Decentralised energy transfer and distribution are possible via micro-transactions of data while securing payment to the submitter.


Tracking contract parties, terms, transfer of ownership, and delivery of goods or services without the need for legal intervention.


Instead of data being accounted and stored on a central server's database, it's encrypted, and a copy is stored on every node connected to the network.

What can Sentinel do for you

Smart Contract Management

"A smart contract is a set of promises, specified in digital form, including protocols within which the parties perform on these promises."- Nick Szabo
Sentinel provides an easy gateway to creating, managing and integrating different types of smart contracts under a single roof.

  • Create and manage all your smart contracts from a single dashboard.
  • Choose from various templates to get started easily.
  • Supports solidity based smart contracts only.


The increasing number of programming languages can make development very limited as it is. Using APIs, we can extend the functionalities of a smart contract to any language of your choice. Sentinel makes smart contracts language agnostic.

  • APIs integration for every smart contract deployed.
  • Auto-generated documentation for easy integration.


To properly maintain a balance between private and public blockchains, we chose to go with a public permissioned blockchain, Indium Network!

  • Proof of Authority consensus clique based blockchain.
  • Open source project and anybody can contribute.
  • Acyclic maintains and redistributes private instances of the blockchain.

UPI Support

Sentinel has deep integrations using UPI (Unified Payments Interface) as a payment channel to provide the first of it's kind experience with token-less smart contracts. You can now transaction, integract and deploy smart contracts tokenlessly using UPI payments.

  • Faster transactions using UPI p2p payments layer.
  • Privacy come first. We do not store any upi vpa shared during transactions.
  • UPI2.0 supported.


The best thing about a completely decentralised and distributed environment is collaboration. Sentinel provides a platform for you to collaborate with your team or openly with public while working on your smart contract programming.

  • Share access to your smart contract with your team.
  • You can also publish your smart contracts publicly.
  • Control access to what your team can or can not do.
  • The cloud based application can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Customised Solutions

We do work on custom apps with Sentinel integration. We work on mobile, web and embedded devices as and when needed.

  • Custom mobile, web and embedded apps.
  • Free training and support post launch.
  • Infrastructure maintaince and hybrid solutions.

The best solution for your enterprise

Introducing Sentinel Box! A self-managed sentinel licensed version for private enterprises.

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